Rachel Belle from KIRO Radio found Pet Paradise at Reber Ranch

Rachel Belle from the Ron and Don Show on KIRO Radio found Pet Paradise at Reber Ranch. Here is what she had to say...

"Okay, so it’s Saturday morning and you need to take your wild pup to the dog park. At some point you really need to pick up some food for him and…what’s that smell? Yeah, he could use a bath. And a trim, since you can hardly see his eyes under all that fur. But do you want to spend your entire afternoon shuttling the dog around, tending to his every need?

This is where Reber Ranch swoops in, superhero cape blowing in the breeze. Reber Ranch is the ultimate one-stop-shop for pet owners!

In one location they have a massive pet supply store, with food and supplies for pretty much any pet you can imagine (including horses!), a do-it-yourself dog wash, a grooming salon, a free dog park and a veterinary clinic on site. They even grow their own hay. Bam. All pet errands done in one fail swoop.

When you walk into Reber Ranch you will smell freshly popped popcorn. Make sure and grab a bag, along with a complimentary cup of coffee, so you can sip and snack as you make your way around the 14,000 square foot store. These little homey touches are important to the Reber family, who have owned the business in Kent since 1984, passing it down through the generations.

They are also eager to be involved with the local community. Reber Ranch invites customers to appreciation parties and holiday celebrations throughout the year, treating them to lots of food, drinks, hay rides, crafts, photo opportunities and fun. From the Egg Hunt in April to Bark in the Park at Safeco Field, the Howl & Prowl around Halloween and Country Christmas. Check out the calendar for details.

If you’re a senior, a military veteran or a member of a 4-H group, Reber Ranch offers a discount. And if you’ve been curious about what it takes to raise backyard chickens, and have fresh eggs for breakfast every morning, Reber Ranch holds free classes on raising chicks and even sells them at particular times of the year.

The veterinary clinic at Reber Ranch is very special. Unlike other vets in the area, Reber Ranch is open seven days a week and they don’t charge extra for weekend visits. The doctors are lifelong animal lovers and I’ve personally seen them treat customers and their pets like family.

Reber Ranch consciously chooses not to sell animals, because they firmly believe in pet adoption. If you adopt a new pet, from any shelter or rescue group, Reber Ranch will provide them with a free exam at the Veterinary Hospital. They even hold adoption events of their own.

So grab your pooch and head down to Reber Ranch, where the super friendly staff is waiting to help you find whatever it is you need!"

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