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Keeping Pets Hydrated by Dr. Krista Hight

With this summer has come sunshine and heat waves. It’s important we keep ourselves hydrated, and it’s important we keep our pets hydrated. Animals indoor and outdoor should have access to fresh, clean water 24/7. If your pet is an outside pet, make sure adequate shelter or shade is available. Brachycephalic dogs (squishy-faced breeds such…
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Dog Bite Prevention by Dr. Kyshee Hoover

Any Dog Can Bite Even the sweetest, cutest dog can bite if provoked. To reduce the number of injuries from dog bites, dog owners should practice responsible dog ownership. Adults and children should be educated about bite prevention. Most dog-bite victims are actually bitten by their own dog or one they know. In addition, the…
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Poison Prevention and Your Pet by Dr. Krista Hight

One of the most common things I hear from owners of sick dogs and cats is, I think my neighbor poisoned him. I find this to be very rarely (if ever) the case, but for some reason the suspicion is always there (perhaps Roscoe does too much backyard barking). The more common scenario is accidental…
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