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Since 1984 Reber Ranch has been dedicated to offering only the best hay available. That is why when we couldn't find premium hay that met our high standards to sell at Reber Ranch the Reber's purchased a hay farm in Eastern Washington. Now all of the hay that is sold at Reber Ranch comes from our own hay farm, Round Lake Hay Farm in Soap Lake, Washington. With each cutting we select only the best hay to send over to sell at Reber Ranch. This ensures that Reber Ranch will always have the highest quality hay available.


Alfalfa 2 Tie 90lb. average ... $16.50
Alfalfa Compressed (3rd cutting) 60lb. average ... $12.50
Timothy 3 Tie (2nd cutting) 96lb. average ... $19.50
Timothy Compressed (3rd cutting) 60lb. average ... $12.50
Straw 2 Tie 60lb. average ... $8.50
Orchard Grass 2 Tie 89lb. average ... $18.50
Orchard Grass Compressed (3rd cutting) 60lb. average ... $12.50
Orchard/Alfalfa Mix 3 Tie 105lb. average ... $17.50
Local Grass Hay 56lb. average ... $11.50

*Pricing listed is for one ton or more. Orders less than a ton add $0.49 to the prices listed.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Delivery available

Hay Testing Results

Why do we test our hay and post the results? For the health of your animals! Knowing the nutrient content of the hay you feed helps ensure you are pairing it with the right feed to meet your animals' dietary needs. The better the quality of hay you feed, the less grain you will need to feed.

Alfalfa 2016 3rd Cutting Results
Mixed Hay 2016 2nd Cutting Results
Orchard Grass 2016 2nd Cutting Results
Timothy 2016 2nd Cutting