Grooming Referral Program


Refer a friend and get BIG SAVINGS for both of you!

Reber Ranch Grooming Salon now has a Client Referral Program! Invite a friend to pamper their pets at the Reber Ranch Grooming Salon, and you'll get a free luxury upgrade. That's a $27 value, for free!

Next time you bring your pet to the salon, ask for a referral card or two. Then pass the cards out to friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you meet that is looking for a pet groomer.

The referral card you pass along will allow the new client to receive $20 off their first full-service groom or $10 off a bath and brush service. When they visit us for the first time and turn in the referral card you gave them, we'll credit the luxury upgrade to your account. The more people you refer, the more FREE upgrades you receive!

Be sure to pick up your referral cards on your next visit!