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Salmon Poisoning Disease by Dr. Krista Hight

Our Veterinary Hospital has seen several cases of Salmon Poisoning Disease in the last couple of weeks. We want to remind everyone that dogs should never eat raw Salmon! Please be vigilant if your dogs are out hiking or have access to streams that may house salmon. If your dog gets sick, make sure to…
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Reber Ranch Turns Black Friday into an Opportunity of Pure Giving Back

KENT, WASH. NOVEMBER 15, 2017 view full press release here Every year, the holidays spark a particular feeling that inspires people to become more festive, more reflective, and more importantly, more giving. Reber Ranch, a local pet supply store, is no different. This year, Reber Ranch is jump-starting the holiday spirit with a special charity…
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Senior Pets by Dr. Krista Hight, DVM

Senior Pets by Dr. Krista Hight, DVM We all know that pets age faster than humans. We sure wish they could live forever, but the average lifespan for a dog is 10-13 years and for a cat it is 12-18 years (usually less for outdoor cats). That means at age 7 cats and dogs are…
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