Fendi has been in the grooming industry for 6 years and has been a certified groomer since 2016 and joined the Reber Ranch family in the spring of 2017. She loves to hand scissor Goldens, Australian Shepard’s, and Pomeranians as well as giving a dog a good shed-less treatment!  She also has a soft spot for wired hair terrier mixes, as she has one at home named Spazz! They do everything together. But she loves all doggies no matter how Big or small. In her free time she loves to practice her creative grooming on her own dog and enjoys learning new recipes for her cook book and learning about mixology, as well as seeing all the latest blockbuster movies and anything  scary related as her favorite type of movie is a scary one but the most important role she has besides being a groomer is her role as Aunty to her 9 nieces and nephews with 4 whom she sees on a regular basis which keeps her busy at all times.