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Hurricane Harvey has devastated the lives of countless people and their pets in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.
In an effort to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Reber Ranch and Pet Central have partnered with the Seattle Humane Society to help assist the animals that were in Texas shelters prior to the hurricane hitting.

“The Seattle Humane Society has taken in hundreds of dogs and cats that have been in Texas shelters prior to Hurricane Harvey, so the Texas-based shelters can make room for the pets that need a temporary home while their families rebuild their homes and lives from damage Harvey caused,” said Carrie Estrada, Marketing Manager for Reber Ranch. “Knowing this, we wanted to do our part to contribute to the Seattle Humane Society. It is admirable what they are doing to care for all animals.”

To support Seattle Humane Society’s disaster relief program, Reber Ranch and Pet Central collected donations in their stores, and matched 100% of all donations made. The final in-store donation total was $1,340, and with Reber Ranch and Pet Central’s match, a check was made out to the Seattle Humane Society for $2,680. In addition, Reber Ranch donated 2,250 pounds of dog food, and 750 pounds of cat food.

“It was extremely heartwarming to see our customers support this humanitarian effort,” said Michael Reber, Operations Manager at Reber Ranch. “We value all animals, and are thankful for organizations like the Seattle Humane Society who generously care for the animals in need.”
Relief for Hurricane Harvey animal victims is just one of the many philanthropic efforts that Reber Ranch and Pet Central are involved in. To learn more about their involvement in the local community, visit

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