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Reber Ranch encourages all pet owners to implement routine dental care tips and take advantage of significant discounts on preventative dental care for their dogs and cats this February.

Most humans do not think twice about the need to brush their teeth every day. Veterinarians say animals need teeth brushing and dental care, just like humans. In fact, they need regular teeth brushing in addition to routine deep-cleanings.

When cuddling with a beloved pet, if their breath smells bad this could be a sign of imminent dental problems. Preventive veterinary dental care can save money in the long run as one of the most common problems veterinarians see in pets is dental disease.

VPI Pet Insurance conducted a study in 2013 and the average cost to prevent dental disease in pets is $171.82, but it costs $531.71 to treat dental disease.

I make it a point to pay attention to my dogs dental health now, said Kerry Bobeczko, a Reber Ranch customer and owner of two small dogs. My dog has had two molar extractions due to poor dental care and it has been extremely costly, not to mention painful and stressful for my dog.

Regular dental checkups are essential to maintaining dental health, and there are a number of signs that can help indicate whether any potential dental problems are developing. If any of the below symptoms are occurring, it is best to schedule a visit to see a veterinarian immediately:

  • Red, swollen gums and brownish teeth.
  • Bleeding from the mouth.
  • Frequent pawing or rubbing at the mouth.
  • Difficulty eating hard foods.

Reber Ranch is encouraging all pet owners to have their four-legged friends’ dental health checked and to perform preventative cleanings, when needed. In the spirit of National Pet Dental Month, Reber Ranch is offering a twenty percent discount on all dental services performed during the month of February 2016, and will be giving away a bag of Greenies dental chews with all dental cleanings.

Reber Ranch Veterinarians also encourage all pet owners to implement a dental routine at home. Here are some quick tips they recommend:

  • Brush pets teeth 2x weekly with pet-specific toothpaste.
  • Give one dental chew a day.
  • Annual checkups!

If interested in learning more about dental care, Reber Ranch representatives are available during store hours. To get a quick start on caring for your pets dental health, enter to win Reber Ranch’s Healthy Smile Dental Care Basket that is filled with more than $100 worth of dental care products.

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