Liz was raised in the Renton area and played soccer for most of her life, but had to quit due to multiple injuries over the years.  Never the less, soccer is still a passion of Liz and her husband’s, in fact, they have had Seattle Sounders season tickets for many years. When she is not working at Reber Ranch as a member of the stock team, Liz works as an emergency room pharmacy technician at a hospital in Bellevue. This has been Liz’s career since 2012 and she worked at two local hospitals during most of the pandemic. Liz decided that although she is passionate about helping humans, it was time to let go of one hospital so she could help animals as well. In her home, Liz and her husband have two dogs, a longhaired dachshund and a German shepherd mix, as well as three cats.  On the rare occasion that she has some free time, you can find Liz and her husband (and sometimes even one or both of the dogs) in Seattle supporting one of the local teams.

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