Sydnee started working at Reber Ranch in 2016. She started in the retail store, and over the years has continued to grow her knowledge in all brands of pet food, products, and supplies. While she was working in retail Sydnee was attending Piece College to start her career towards becoming a veterinarian. Sydnee recently decided that she wanted to jump into the veterinary field sooner rather than later! Sydnee applied to PIMA to begin her externship to become a veterinary assistant. She switched departments to the veterinary hospital, where she began her externship! After six weeks of hard work, studying, and learning more about the veterinary field Sydnee finished her externship! We are so excited to have her as our newest veterinary assistant in the veterinary hospital! We know a lot of you have grown to love her over the past years, and she will still be around, just in the vet hospital now! She has 2 dogs, 2 cats, a fish, a frog and a hedgehog. When she’s not working she loves to eat and take naps with her pets.

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