About Our Deliveries

Truck Delivery

Need hay, feed, or other bulk items but don’t have a way to haul it? We deliver. Let us do the work for you. Items available for delivery include: hay, feed, stove pellets, bulk dog food, and stock tanks. If you have other items you needed us to deliver, give us a call at (253) 630-3330.

Order Delivery
Bale Count Miles Charge Elevator Fee
Fewer than 20 bales $2.00/Mile $75.00 $40.00
20 bales – 1 Ton $2.00/Mile $60.00 $40.00
40 bales – 2 Tons $2.00/Mile $80.00 $40.00
60 bales – 3 Tons $2.00/Mile $100.00
80 bales – 4 Tons $2.00/Mile $120.00
100 bales – 5 Tons $2.00/Mile $150.00
Over 100 bales $2.00/Mile $30.00 per ton (20 bales)

Forklift Unload – Pallet Drop Service

20 Bale Minimum

We have a new offering to help save you $$. Reber Ranch will drop 10 bales of hay on a pallet for a fee of $10 per pallet, plus milage. Your property must have the space for our large truck and piggyback forklift to fit. For this service our driver will not hand stack any bales or bags.