Frequently Asked Questions

Hay & Delivery

What are the different types of hay, and what are they best suited for?

  • Straw: Our wheat straw is used in construction, animal bedding, erosion control, archery targets, wedding seating and fall festival displays.
  • Alfalfa: Alfalfa is easy to digest and high in protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals. Alfalfa is our only hay product that is a legume rather than a grass.
  • Timothy: Timothy hay is easier on the digestive system than some of the others, and it is high in fiber and low in calcium content. Timothy is high in nutrients for older animals, lactating mares, and growing young.
  • Orchard grass: Orchard grass is our softest hay variety. It is not as nutrient rich as alfalfa hay, but it has good flavor and is high in fiber.
  • Mixed hay: Mixed hay is a mixture of orchard grass and alfalfa. Our mixed hay usually consists of 20% alfalfa and 80% orchard grass.

Do you offer delivery, and what items qualify?

We offer delivery of livestock feed and forage (hay) as well as bulk dog food and stove pellets.

What happens if I get a bad bale of hay?

Sometimes when buying larger amounts of hay, it is possible a bad bale might end up in your barn. Reber Ranch is happy to exchange your bad bale for a good one. You must bring in the bad bale to exchange it.

How much will it cost to have my hay delivered?

Our delivery pricing is listed on this website. If you want to order more than 100 bales please contact one of our associates for pricing at (253) 630-3330.

How many bales can I fit into my pickup?

That depends on the truck. We can fit 20 bales into a long-bed one-ton truck. If you plan on getting more than 10 bales be sure to have some straps to secure your load.

Is your hay weed-free?

Our hay is not certified weed-free. However, if you receive a bale that has weeds in it, we will exchange it for a new bale. Please bring in the bale to exchange it.

Do you carry feeder hay?

Yes, our feeder hay comes from bad bales we receive from our farm. Feeder hay is sold at a discount and is on a first-come, first-served basis. We typically do not have any in stock, but feel free to ask.

Retail Store

Can I bring my pet with me to Reber Ranch?

Absolutely! We love to meet your pets. We do ask that they be kept on a leash while they are in the store and kept under control for the safety of other pets and customers. If you forgot yours leash, we have one you can borrow during your visit.

What is the Reber Ranch Rewards program and how do I sign up?

Reber Ranch Rewards members earn free bags of pet food through Astro Loyalty on their Frequent Buyer Program. They also earn points with every purchase for future dollars off. Learn more HERE

When do you have chicks at Reber Ranch?

Typically we have chicks for sale in the spring and the fall. Spring chicks arrive around March and stay for six to seven weeks in the store. Fall chicks arrive in early September and stay for approximately three weeks.

Can I come to Reber Ranch to hold the chicks?

Due to health and safety regulations you will not be allowed to hold the chicks while at the ranch. Reber Ranch team members are the only people allowed to open the brooders and handle the chicks.

Does Reber Ranch share my contact information with other vendors?

No! We protect your privacy and will never share or sell your information to a third party, ever!

Can I purchase a pet license at Reber Ranch?

Yes. We can issue new or renew existing King County or City of Auburn licenses at Reber Ranch.

What is the Reber Ranch return policy?

We will gladly return or exchange any unused item within 30 days of the purchase with original sales receipt. Items returned without a sales receipt will be exchanged or given store credit at the current prices. Sales are final on clearance items.

Do you special order items that you don’t carry?

We generally do not special order items that we don’t carry. You can do a special request for a large quantity of an item we do carry.

What is the difference between the supplements sold in the veterinary hospital and those sold in the retail store?

Items sold in the retail store are “over the counter” medications and pet supplements. Items sold in the veterinary hospital need to have a current prescription to be purchased.

Can I purchase vaccines at Reber Ranch to vaccinate my pets at home?

Yes, we do carry vaccines in the store. If your drive home is more than twenty minutes, we recommend you bring a cooler to transport the vaccines home. The Reber Ranch team cannot provide any suggestions, tips, or advice on how to administer vaccines. Please see the manufacturer’s website if you have questions about vaccinating at home.

Administered vaccinations are also available at the veterinary hospital.

Do you offer a discount for active and retired military?

Yes. All active duty and retired military can take advantage of 10% savings every day in the retail store, veterinary hospital, and grooming salon. Military ID must be shown at the time of purchase. Some products are not eligible for discount, such as hay, feed, grain, and already discounted items. The discount may not be combined with other discounts available. Thank you for your service!

Do you offer discounts for senior citizens?

Yes. Honored citizens 65 years and older can take advantage of 5% savings every day in the retail store, veterinary hospital, and grooming salon. Photo ID must be shown at the time of purchase. Some products are not eligible for discount, such as hay, feed, grain, and already discounted items. The discount may not be combined with other discounts available.

Do you offer discounts for Members of 4-H Groups?

Reber Ranch offers a discount to card-holding members of 4-H clubs. Present your 4-H club card at checkout to receive a 10% discount on the items that you need for 4-H. This discount only applies to the items needed for your animals that are part of 4-H and cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer.

Do you have an emergency entrance to the veterinary hospital?

Yes. If you have a before- or after-hours appointment you can enter the veterinary hospital on the north side of the building. There is a door labeled for Emergency Vet Entrance.

Are you open if the power is out?

We try to stay open if possible during regular business hours even during a power outage. Only in extreme circumstances will we be closed. Please call us at (253) 630-3330 or check our Facebook page or website for updates.

What vaccines are required to bring my cat/dog in to be groomed?

Dogs are required to be current on their rabies, distemper, bordetella, and parvo vaccines at time of grooming. Cats are required to be current on their rabies and distemper vaccines.

What’s the difference between the Frequent Buyer Program and Reber Ranch Rewards?

Both programs use Astro Loyalty to track and count your rewards points and free bags. The Frequent Buyer Program is a way to earn free bags of the products you use most. The select vendors that participate in the program offer free items after reaching a specific number of purchased items, sort of like a digital “punch card.” The Rewards Program gives you points on your purchases across the retail store for dollars off on future purchases.

Dog Wash

Do my pets need to be vaccinated to use the dog wash?

For the safety of your pet and others visiting the dog wash, we suggest all pets be up-to-date on their vaccines before they use the dog wash.

Do I have to bring my own shampoo to use your dog wash?

No, we have everything you need to wash your pet. We offer various options of shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels (large and small), ear cleaner, cotton balls, nail trimmers, dryers and an apron to keep you dry during the process.

Do I need an appointment to use the dog wash?

No appointment is necessary.

How can I earn a free dog wash?

Join the Muddy Mutt Club. It is free to join and tracked in our electronic service. You don’t have to carry a punch card, we will keep track for you. When you buy nine washes, the tenth one is free!

Do I need to clean up my workstation before I leave?

No, you can leave the cleanup to us. Simply leave your towels on your workstation when you’re done!

What time does the dog wash close?

The dog wash closes one hour before the retail store closes.

Can I wash other animals in the dog wash?

Yes, we have had pigs, cats, and even goats in the dog wash.

Dog Park

What are the hours of the dog park?

The dog parks are open the same hours as the retail store.

What is the fee to use the outdoor dog parks?

The outdoor dog parks are free to use as long as you are a Reber Ranch Rewards member.  There is no cost associated with the membership, and it includes many additional perks!

Can I take my new puppy to the dog park?

As long as your puppy is up-to-date on all their vaccines, they are welcome in the dog park. Please note that although every effort is to keep our dog parks safe, there is inherent risk associated with using the parks. Please be advised that you are using the parks at your own risk and Reber Ranch Inc. is released of all injury or liabilities.

Dog Park rules:

  1. Owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their dogs at all times.
  2. Please keep your dog leashed until you are inside the Dog Parks and the gates are closed. When leaving the Dog Parks, leash your dog before opening the gates.
  3. All Dogs must be accompanied by their owners/custodians while the dog is inside our Dog Parks at all times.
  4. Only dogs are allowed on the play equipment. Please keep children off the play equipment.
  5. Children under 12 years old are not allowed in the Dog Parks unless accompanied by their legal guardian.
  6. No aggressive dogs allowed in the Dog Parks. If your dog becomes unruly or plays too rough, please leash the dog, and remove them from the Dog Parks.
  7. Please pick up after your dog, scoop the poop and dispose of it in a provided cleaning station.
  8. Use of alcohol or tobacco is strictly prohibited and is not allowed in our Dog Parks at any time.
  9. Reber Ranch Inc. accepts no responsibility for injury or loss while using our Dog Parks.
  10. Reber Ranch Inc. reserves the right to refuse use of our Dog Parks to any individual or dog.

Do you have a question we didn’t answer here? Feel free to email us with questions or comments at